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Sebastian Wyczawski
2 min readSep 19, 2022

Eastern Long Island Golf Courses

I live on Eastern Long Island, and have played most of the public courses. Some of the private courses may offer tee times, but it changes from year to year. There is plenty of variety for different skill levels. I’ve done reviews on some, but I will just hit the highlights here for the summer crowd. Some are harder to get on than others.

My 1st choice would be Rock Hill in Manorville. I’ve played the blues and the whites here. I’ve watched people play the black tees. Anyone I’ve ever been matched up here is entertaining. What I really like about Rock Hill is the front and back nines have completely different feels to them. They have a lot of outings here, which can make it tough to get a tee time. If you can get a time right after the outing ends, you can sneak in a 2 ½ hour round.

The course I play most is Swan Lake, also in Manorville. There is a really nice layout, some holes can be very difficult. The greens here are very big, so putting will make or break your round. I play both the blues and whites, and they are both a good challenge, but not difficult enough to crush you.

If you want a long course, go check out the Cherry Creek Links Course. It is second in length to Bethpage Black, and if you aren’t a long hitter, it feels like it. It also has Long Island’s only par 6. It has a very nice layout and is worth checking out.

Across the street is the Woods at Cherry Creek. While the links course is very open, this is a lot narrower. If you can stay out of the trees, this is a good course to go for a good score.

On the same street as the 2 Cherry Creek courses is The Vineyards. This is another links course, not as difficult. This is a private course, but occasionally offers tee times to the public. If you can get on, it is worth the trip.

If you are out on the North Fork, Islands End is worth a visit. This is a nice course. The 16th hole has one of the nicest views you will get on a Long Island course. IT is a bit of a hike to get to, but it is worth the ride. The course is pretty open and wont punish you too badly if you miss the fairways.

These are some of the nicer courses I have played. I hear the Montauk Downs and Indian Island are worth checking out, but I have not had the opportunity to hop on them yet. One thing you should expect on the Long Island courses is a lot of wind. If you come out here for a gold vacation, you wont be disappointed.

By Sebastian Wyczawski



Sebastian Wyczawski

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